A Perhaps Not Short Reflection on the Biduum Coloratanum

Sunshine Mountain Lodge is on a slop in the mountains, amid the tree covered Rockies northwest of Denver, Colorado not far off from Boulder. The air is dry, and here and there where you can get to the road or to the top of the hill overlooking the cabins the sky, the trees on theContinue reading “A Perhaps Not Short Reflection on the Biduum Coloratanum

A 2021 Post-Thanksgiving Update

Salvete, omnes! I’ve hardly had time to write updates, either here, or on the Facebook page, since I’ve been occupatissimus (extremely busy!) this semester, but after a week of turkey and travel for Thanksgiving (with all appropriate precautions taken for COVID) I’ve finally set aside a few minutes to write about what has been goingContinue reading “A 2021 Post-Thanksgiving Update”

Initial Fall Course Line-Up

Salvete, omnes! This Fall’s line-up of courses are available, here. I won’t got into too much detail in this post since you can read the course descriptions yourself, but we’ve got three, count’em, three, courses this semester: 1 for Students who have never Spoken Latin before but have some Latin experience and want to tryContinue reading “Initial Fall Course Line-Up”