Initial Fall Course Line-Up

Salvete, omnes!

This Fall’s line-up of courses are available, here.

I won’t got into too much detail in this post since you can read the course descriptions yourself, but we’ve got three, count’em, three, courses this semester: 1 for Students who have never Spoken Latin before but have some Latin experience and want to try it out, 1 for people who have some active skill with the Latin language but want to focus on improving their conversational Latin skills guided by authentic texts, and one for students who know the basics but who want to focus on “sight” reading texts while speaking Latin.

If you’re interested in a course, but the time isn’t right for you, or you’re interested in a course that isn’t listed get in touch! If it is possible to get a group of students (3-5) together at alternate times, I’m up to adding sections, adjusting schedules and offering other reading courses that aren’t listed!

Tempus fugit!

Time flies!

Summer is rushing by us and I’m as occupied teaching Latin (and a little Greek from Athenaze!) as ever. This week in my regular classes we’ve continued to read Cornelius Nepos and Guilliemus de Tocco on Hannibal and St. Thomas respectively. In my private sessions we’ve also looked at several interesting authors this week, including Jordanes on Attila the Hunn, Malfeius on Early Modern China, and the ever present selections from Lingua Latina per se Illustrata with students still learning the basics.

But it is also come time to start thinking about the autumn semester. I’ll release fuller details in the coming weeks but to give you a preview of things to come…I’ll be taking a week off at the end of August and take it slow (read: limited private tutoring sessions only!) most of September. Then, I’ll be offering my regularly scheduled Fall classes starting the week of September the 26th.

What’s going to be on offer? Well, you’ll have to wait and see for full details but a new section of the two night a week Guided Latin Conversations is in the works, as well as Beginner’s Conversational Latin, and at least a handful of primary text reading courses for intermediate and advanced students. In the meantime, Curate ut valeatis!