A 2021 Post-Thanksgiving Update

Salvete, omnes! I’ve hardly had time to write updates, either here, or on the Facebook page, since I’ve been occupatissimus (extremely busy!) this semester, but after a week of turkey and travel for Thanksgiving (with all appropriate precautions taken for COVID) I’ve finally set aside a few minutes to write about what has been goingContinue reading “A 2021 Post-Thanksgiving Update”

Initial Fall Course Line-Up

Salvete, omnes! This Fall’s line-up of courses are available, here. I won’t got into too much detail in this post since you can read the course descriptions yourself, but we’ve got three, count’em, three, courses this semester: 1 for Students who have never Spoken Latin before but have some Latin experience and want to tryContinue reading “Initial Fall Course Line-Up”